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Age Rosenberg

Founder of Headflow


What do you do today?

My mission and my company's mission is to create a safe, open, and creative space for individuals and organizations to grow, develop, and change. I provide coaching and hands-on training to enhance performance and to support the development and/or transformation.

The Journey

My business and actions in life are driven by a belief that every change is possible; it assumes willingness and awareness. Both can be grown through organizations anding and training. My love for organizations and individuals making up the organizations started already during university studies when I focused on the role of communication in enhancing rational life. I have since then worked for 15 years in the internal communication and HR field. I am doing my last steps with my Ph.D. these days, where I look into organizational practices during change and the role of communication in connecting and breaking up the links within and between those practices. The goal is to bring tools to the leaders to support their awareness of what is actually going on during (constant) organizational changes and then coach them and their teams until they are change masters.

Why are you doing what you are doing? 

Since I went through a transformation in my life career-wise, I grew to believe that it is possible to take control of one's life before everything crashes around a person. The key here is, of course, again willingness to change and to understand oneself and become more aware. 

This drives me to help individuals make sense of themselves and what they want from life career-wise - individual career coaching and training are for that, and my constant growth supports it. There are too many stories of people starting the transformation after they have lost everything from a job to family or ended up in depression, I want to wake people up from their work-wheel and start consciously visioning before it happens.

Where are you going? What is your vision?

My vision for the future is to grow so I can support more and more people and organizations in their change awareness and skills to give way for them to create a better world around them.


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