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Jin Han

Managing partner of Globus International

Korea → US → Netherland

What are you doing today?

Currently, I work with startups and invest in startups. Either through accelerator programs such as ACE, SIRA, or through references, I meet with startups regularly and select startups to mentor depending on the startup needs and the mutual interest.


The areas of mentoring include strategy, direction, organizational structure/issues, scalable models, business models, revenue models, talent acquisition, funding, and B2B sales/marketing.


While my expertise is in the areas of enterprise software and artificial intelligence, the industry I’ve worked with have been rather broad for the moment.

How did you get there?

As I started with the defense of management consulting to executive management, through each role and company, I took away different expertise.
For example, while working in defense in the area of Anti Submarine Warfare, I used my physics background to its fullest in applying the principles and programming to derive the results.

Accenture taught me the value of methodology and project delivery with efficiency and standardization.

Ernst & Young taught me to become an effective leader and manager.
Siebel, I gained confidence in sales and learned to apply sales methodology while managing sales teams.

In Textkernel, I learned about artificial intelligence - what it is and what it is not, along with scalability 101, i.e., what to do and not to do in a growing company to grow.

In working with numerous startups, I got to see what works, and the struggles, and based on the founders and the industry, the ability to foresee the challenges that founders might face, and help avoid potential pitfalls that could cripple the startup.

Why are you doing what you are doing? 

I do what I do for three reasons:

  1. To continue to learn and grow

  2. To share my resources - be it time, knowledge, experiences, finances, etc.

  3. To have fun in a meaningful and worthwhile manner

What I do - working with startups - allows me to do all three of the above.


Where are you going? What is your vision?

For now, I am quite happy with what I am doing in working with multiple disciplines. While there are a couple of possibilities, i) working with multiple companies or ii) working with a single company with sharp focus, either option would result in:

  1. Growing the business

  2. Yielding ‘meaningful’ results (whatever ‘meaningful’ might mean)


I am still collecting feedback for this mentor :-)

Rein Lemberpuu

CEO of Contriber